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Tina Krohn / Portrait Photography
Washington DC / Hamburg



Tina Krohn is a Toronto born photographer. Growing up in Hamburg, Germany, she was drawn to the performing arts, studying at the prestigious Stage School of Music, Dance and Drama and later on, moving to New York City to attend the scholarship program at Broadway Dance Center.  After having lived also in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Canada and Berlin, while working as a costumer in film and TV on movies such as X-Men, Inglorious Bastards and the Twilight Saga, it took a move to Washington DC to bring her past work experience and natural tendencies together in photography.

Voted best creative photographer two years in a row, her focus is portraiture  and fashion photography. 


One of the things I loved most about my father as a child was that he loved to give presents! Mostly on Christmans. One of the most memorable presents I received from him- at the age of 12- was a dark room. Under his supervision, I learned the 101 of darkroom film and photo development. 

As technology in the field of photography and editing has completely changed, so has my taste and my preferences in photography. I am not opposed but embrace the technology of today and integrate it into my work.

I am a commercial and portrait photographer. 

I see beauty in everyone.

My love for people and their uniqueness is my constant inspiration. Yet, I am acknowledging and surrendering to the limitations of my field- each human being has too many facets of their personality to capture in one photograph. While I make no attempt to portrait the complexity of a person, I try to look past the obvious- and will capture at least a one side of their uniqueness!

Since film and fashion is my background, I like drama in my portrait and commercial photography. My work is stylized in the way I position my subjects. I am creating strong contrasts with the intention to feature and trigger a strong reaction, through posing, light, movement and often staging. The environment around the subject can tell a second story! Humor is not my enemy.

When working with my subjects, I am looking for the unexpected. A tale, about the individual, that has not been told before. 



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